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Welcome to Source UPS

Source UPS specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions for independent, public sector, SME and corporate clients throughout the UK

Our team work with the industries leading manufacturers to provide the most energy efficient, cost effective solutions for businesses and organisations of any size. Combining the key elements of Power, Cooling, Racks, Security and Management in to a flexible solution that maximises performance and eliminates costly downtime time. 

Whether you're backing up a single PC or designing a new server room or data centre, we can help!

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Our UPS systems are designed to maximise efficiency, provide the highest reliability and eliminate downtime. Right sizing your UPS system is key to the reliability of your critical IT infrastructure, click to find out more about our range of UPS Systems.

Data Centre Cooling

High density server and network configurations demand efficient cooling and heat removal systems to guarantee maximum availability. Our range of precision cooling products is suitable for applications from 1-100 racks and more. Click to find out more about our range.


With a range of Network and Server racks from 8U to 48U no matter how small or large your IT infrastructure is we have a suitable rack solution for you. Click to find out more about our range of server racks and cable management accessories.

Security & Monitoring

Videos Surveillance, Access Control, monitoring of temperature, humidity, water and smoke in your network closets, server rooms and data centres via one central control panel. Click for more information on our Security & Monitoring products.


Data Centre Management is the final piece of the jigsaw in your server room or data centre. Accurate planning, real time monitoring and process/change management can all be co-ordinated under one centralized portal using our DCIM software solutions.

Design & Installation

Our design and install team are experts at bringing together the five key elements of a server room and can create a bespoke solution for your existing and future IT plans. If you are expanding, refurbishing or require a new server room we can help.


Customer Quotes

"I contacted Source UPS and straight away got helpful information. They sourced the correct new batteries for our UPS, organised an engineer, who was on time, very pleasant and helpful. The whole experience was professional and well organised. I would highly recommend this company."
Mr W.Mitchell,
Radio Taxi's 


Latest news

25/02/2015 -

Managing the Data Centre

Despite IT management teams best efforts, most struggle with management and data centre control issues. Better control should be a high priority to ensure peak performance, accurate planning and decision making.

08/07/2014 -

Hot Aisle vs Cold Aisle Containment

Compare the benefits of hot aisle versus cold aisle containment as an efficient method for cooling your data centre or server room

09/12/2013 -

What is Data Centre Infrastructure Management?

Data Centre Infrastructure Management involves the integration of both facilities management and information technology within a business or organisation into one application. Designed to bring together stand-alone functions such as data centre design, asset discovery and management, capacity planning, and energy management, the aim of it is to understand and reduce energy consumption. DCIM as it is known for short - provides facilities and IT managers with real-time monitoring and management of all their infrastructure and physical assets ranging from rack or cabinet level to the cooling infrastructure to energy utilisation in one integrated single pane view. By providing them with the capability to locate, visualise and manage all of these assets, it allows managers to make faster and more informed decisions about the data centres critical systems. By having one single operational platform and management tool, Data Centre Infrastructure Management can deliver a range of business and operational benefits, including increasing operational efficiency and reducing energy costs. This is because managers can accurately forecast and make short term and long term plans from the DCIMs real-time and metrics, which helps them to identify energy and resource waste and reduce energy consumption. It also will increase a business or organisations carbon footprint and keep capital and operational costs down.